8.5. Payment to MSF 100% (100%) revenues actually collected, while this agreement is in force by franchisees in the territory as a result of training provided and provided on the territory by MSF. 8.1. Payment to MSF 50 per cent (50 per cent) of all revenues generated by the initial franchise fees actually collected, while this agreement takes effect by franchisees who open a POS in the territory. Proceeds from the initial franchise fees are considered to be the franchise fee paid by the franchisee and received by the company, net of the company`s marketing costs for the sale, such as premiums. B recommendation, brokerage fees or any other related expenses that have been identified by the company and communicated to MSF prior to the execution of the franchise agreement by the franchise. 8.16. Records. Where the franchisee or assignee of the franchisee is a company, a limited liability company, a corporation or any other form of entity, the Franchisor franchisee provides a copy of its charter and administrative documents (status, statutes, shareholders, partner contracts or ownership agreements and equivalents); List of owners and individuals in all directors, managers and officers or equivalent positions, all changes made to these documents and any other information about the organization and structure that must take into account the following qualifications, among others, for a Mr. Clean Car Washes franchise: 4.12.

MSF collaborates to provide comprehensive information, questionnaires and other measures that the company requests from time to time to help the company prepare and update franchised bid flyers and other disclosure documents. Mr. Clean Car Wash does not purchase sites for franchisees. We do location assessments on the proposed sites, but you are responsible for selecting and proposing a website. Mr Clean Car Wash will put you in touch with the third-party resources you have when selecting the site. 7.3. During the duration of this agreement and three (3) years after the end or expiry of this agreement, MSF does not own, engage or participate directly or indirectly in car maintenance, car wash, automotive retail activity, with the exception of ProntoWash franchises, which have been fully disclosed and approved by the company, and cannot participate in the offer or sale of franchises for a company other than the company without this has been agreed in writing beforehand. There is nothing in section 7.3 that expressly or implicitly compels the company to give consent. We give you the opportunity to chat with franchisees, visit an existing website and meet the team at the Support Centre. Plan to visit Mr Clean Car Wash websites while you search.

A copy of the site directory comes with your Kit Qualification franchise. Franchisees benefit from a powerful support system developed through our team`s franchise and self-washing experience. In addition, you stand out for a world-class marketing expertise that supports you. You can fill out and send the form online. Once you are pre-qualified based on the online filing, a Mr. Clean Car Wash Franchise Development Representative will contact you for more information on the franchise possibility. 1. Nomination.

The company appoints MSF, and MSF accepts the appointment as a master commercial franchisee to focus on helping businesses, selling franchisees in the territory. 3. Initial franchise master`s sales fees. When implementing this agreement, MSF 8.5.


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