Hard Rock

Escape the papparrazi in your own life and get your rock star on at the famed rock ‘n roll Hard Rock Hotels!

Jet-set around the globe to one of the many all-inclusive hotels like Hard Rock Punta Cana, Hard Rock Cancun, Hard Rock Vallarta, and the upcoming Hard Rock Riviera Maya. With beautiful beaches, unlimited delicious buffets, delis, and international dining, and top shelf liquors, Hard-Rock Hotels rolls out the carpet for your maximum enjoyment and entertainment.

Centered around the best music in the world, Hard Rock Hotels offer plenty of concerts, night clubs, bars and parties in true rock star form! You can even select the “Sound of Your Stay” amenity – where you can pick and mix your own sound tracks or order your own personal Fender Guitar room service, where you can live out your own private rock-n-roll fantasy or jam the night away with your friends. Even kids can put on their own live show at the Little Big Club, and teens get their own exclusive teen-only Cavern Club as private lounge time.

After your late night of partying, be sure to relax at the Rock Spa for a couples’ massage or for facial and body treatments, rejuvenating for the next round of partying. Or take a spin at the casinos, refresh at the rooftop pools, or chill with some rounds of golf. At Hard Rock Hotels, you get to celebrate your own star treatment to the max! Get your own agent – yes, Travel Unrivaled will sign you on to all that is fun and glam at Hard Rock Hotels.


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