At the University of Heidelberg, the Welcome Centre is the site of the exhibition accommodation agreements (except medical school, please contact the human resources department of the clinics). We ask the host establishment to contact us to clarify the research stay and prepare a hosting contract. Please note that at check-in, regardless of your type of visa, you should always make your search the reason for your visit. More information is available on the following website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Research departments wishing to take over an international researcher can contact the Welcome Centre in advance for information. If part of the research project were to take place in another European country, the accommodation agreement should mention it. The hosting agreement can be signed by the responsible host. Depending on the length of your stay in Germany, there are different types of visas: to come to Germany as a researcher, you must have entered into a hospitality contract with a recognised research organization. The agreement can also be reached with an und recognition research organization that is therefore controlled by the foreign local authority, but the process of obtaining a residence permit may take longer. A hosting contract indicates that you are planning to do research work and that the research centre will welcome you.

The agreement indicates the purpose, duration and funding of the research project as well as your qualifications. Although Germany can be considered a safe country, it may be advisable to avoid certain places at certain times. Whenever you are faced with discrimination, if you are the victim of an assault, if you are verbally abused or threatened, inform your supervisor at the Institute immediately. You immediately receive appropriate and confidential assistance if you wish. PhD students continue to obtain residence permits for students (immigration law). In the event of a visa application to an embassy/consulate in Germany, the letter of approval from the University of Heidelberg must be submitted. A certificate of registration is required for the application for a residence permit with the local immigration service. PhD students with an employment contract (up to 50%) may apply for a residence permit for researchers in specific cases (for example. B for PhD students with children because of family allowances and parental allowances) (18d (formerly 20) Immigration Act). Unemployed PhD students cannot apply for a residence permit for researchers. PhD students with more than 50% of employment contracts cannot obtain residence permits for students.

In this case, they must apply for a residence permit for the researchers and a reception agreement is required. Please contact the Welcome Center for support and information. You must apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate of your country of origin. The visa can only be issued if the local service of foreigners gives its consent at the place of the planned stay.


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