The UC UC agreement has an agreement with each California Community College that defines courses that can be applied to any category of CCTS. Courses taken at more than one California community college can be used to complete the IGETC, and all courses must be completed with a degree c or better. IGETC courses do not need to be taken at the same college – courses that are taken at more than one California university college can be used to complete the IGETC. Course work can only be applied in the area or category for which it was approved by the IGETC agreement at the community school where it was completed. . Remember: courses must be approved for the CAW to be considered for IGETC. Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senates (ICAS) IGETC Standards > Requirements are `English Composition`, `Critical Thinking – English Composition` and `Oral Communication`. “Oral communication” is only required for CSU schools. This represents six units needed for a UC and nine for the CSU. In addition, some colleges or majors prefer transfer students to take a more compulsory course in the lower department.

Read the quick guidance guide on UC Admissions [PDF] for specific campus/program recommendations. . A community college course can only satisfy one IGETC department, even if it is included in the IGETC course agreement in more than one area. However, an individual trajectory can be taken into account on the IGETC and an important requirement. Different community colleges use different titles for courses. For example, the English composition is called “English 101” on one campus and “English 1A” on another. Unfortunately, there is no universal list of number classes. Students must match the description of the class in their catalogue. [2] In the absence of a certified CITT, transfer students from California colleges and universities can meet the AU`s general education requirements with a combination of IGETC-approved courses, which were taken prior to their first AU enrollment, along with UA general learning training. 5. Physical and Biological Sciences One and one biological curriculum, at least one of which includes a laboratory 1. English Communication An English composition course and an English critical thought/composition course.

A common misunderstanding is that the IGETC is a prerequisite for admission to a university. The IGETC is a recommended certification that students obtain from Community College. IGETC graduate students forgo large-scale general courses at their university. By renouncing these classes, students can save money by meeting general educational requirements in a less expensive school. Students who enroll on a UC campus, then enroll in a California community college and turn to another UC campus, can use the IGETC (students returning to the same UC campus cannot complete the CCTS). The university reserves the right to verify whether a community college-certified IGETC complies with California-approved policy prior to the application of the CSRI to an AU degree.


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