These agreements serve as a starting point for negotiations with research sponsors, potential licensees and others, as the agreements suggest by their nature. Faculty members are cordially encouraged to use these documents as starting points; However, all contracts must be processed through the appropriate office of each UT institution. Disclaimer: The documents contained on this site do not constitute legal advice. You should consult a lawyer before taking action or forwarding on these documents. Inter-institutional agreement on joint management of inventions (all-in-one) only | Figure A only. Patent Licensing Contract – Life Science All-In-One | Two Part Department of Health and Human Services Subcontract Inter-Institutional Royalty Sharing Agreement (UTSMCDAL) Small Business Technology Transfer Program Model Agreement . Three-party, multi-sponsor, confidential disclosure agreement and limited use agreement (UTSMCDAL) contract negotiations | Transfer of | equipment | Patent License Sponsored ResearchClinical Trial | Technology transfer | Various agreements between several sponsors regarding an exclusive patent licensing agreement (UTMDACC) (limited to patents held exclusively by the Board of Directors and established exclusively by UTMDACC).


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