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We LOVE to plan epic adventures.  And we can’t blame you if you want to brag about the time you had, complete with posting the epic photo proof.  So, we’ve created a platform just for you.  A place where you can boast all about the excursions you took, luxury you soaked up, and adventures you embarked on.  Show off to all the others who are sitting on the fence, needing that extra little nudge to take the plunge, and book their own experience of a lifetime.

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Okay, so maybe we’re self-proclaimed story tellers.  (In our defense, it’s kind of goes with the territory when you become a professional traveler.)  However, we realize that although we could type out descriptions until our hands cramp up, the old adage is true.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.  And we’re not without plenty to back up the places we think are worthy of being seen.  So, feel free to pick a place, take a gander, and dare to daydream!  We can’t say we haven’t done it ourselves a time or twenty.

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