By collecting evidence from the various texts, genres and eras that make up our corpus, this investigation confirmed the importance of the dual agreement strategy in the case of related subjects. The distribution of RA and PA remains fluid and variable on all our data. At the same time, our B sample proves that instead of being an exception, PA is a construction firmly anchored in the GA. The impressive quantitative relevance of the PA suggests that it is more than a simple deviation from rigid syntactic behaviour. On the contrary, semantic and discursive factors influence the choice of one or the other construction. Here, the model is used both in the left context and in the right context when the right verb is chosen. It is thus likened to a syntatic parser. B that can look at the entire sentence and produce a complete parsebaum. On the other hand, it could be argued that because LSTMs generate from left to right, everything on the right does not matter if it creates the right verb during the generation.

In the previous paragraphs, we presented and discussed some of the most well-known factors that affect the choice between RA and PA in light of the AG`s material. But above all, we hope to have succeeded in highlighting two of the semantic and communicative constraints. First, whenever the attachment between a subject and the predicate is stronger, the other subjects are added as an addition (e) in the context of a discursive flow with a lean syntax. This is evident in Homeric poems, where the sender (which typically pauses in the flow of thought) is generally avoided between two subjects that correspond to a plural verb. “The behavioural research team disagrees with the correct assessment.” The fact that a substantial part of our evidence consists of poetic works also raises the important methodological question of the metric constraints of text language. This question is not specific to our tree bank approach, but it is shared by all the linguistic studies that deal with the stages and layers of ancient Greek, where poetic texts are indispensable (and very often unique) evidence.


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