Taiwan`s Foreign Ministry also said Sunday that it would continue its initiative to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) agreement, an agreement that grew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) abandoned after the United States withdrew from the agreement. The trade surplus increased by 22.5%, according to Taiwan`s Foreign Trade Office at the Ministry of Economy. The signing of a free trade agreement with Taiwan would be an important market for business travel between the two countries. About 670,000 Taiwanese tourists visited Thailand in 2003, many interested business travellers met not only their Thai colleagues to do business, but also in tourist tourism, shopping and leisure. In 2003, about 50,000 Thais travelled to Taiwan to participate frequently in fairs and exhibitions in the country`s capital. Thailand already has partial or comprehensive free trade agreements with a number of countries such as Bahrain, China, India, Peru and Australia. Thai government officials are also negotiating a free trade pact with the United States and creating the so-called Thai-Japan Closer Economic Partnership. The Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership (RCEP) covers all 10 ASEAN members, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and China. The presence of taiwan`s foreign ministry at the RCEP, Taiwan`s foreign ministry said on Sunday, without Taipeh being able to accede to the free trade pact.

Afghanistan has bilateral agreements with countries and the following blocs:[1] Two countries that already share a healthy part of annual bilateral trade, Taiwan and Thailand will be even closer with the beginning of a new era of textile trade and international trade and international investment will continue to grow. Manik Mehta, a regular member of the Taiwan Journal, said the two nations would do well to consolidate their existing partnership by formally adopting a free trade agreement. Read the original article: Taiwanese seek a free trade agreement with Thailand to boost trade Taiwan already has free trade agreements with Singapore and New Zealand and is seeking agreements with Thailand and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


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