America’s Heartland

Witness a scenic cultural tapestry on this enlightening journey on the Upper Mississippi, you will hear stories of pioneers and the Lewis and Clark Expedition; walk in the footsteps of Mark Twain; and learn about the Norwegian migration. Enjoy the view as your ship navigates through the river’s intricate lock system. And experience the region’s many cultural treasures—from ragtime, polka and Norwegian folk music to Wisconsin cheese, craft beer and hearty stews.

Day 1
St Louis, Missouri
A crossroads for 19th-century explorers, St. Louis is home to the iconic Gateway Arch, a monument to westward expansion.
Day 2
Hannibal, Missouri
Charming Hannibal is the birthplace of Mark Twain and the inspiration for his stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
Day 3
Burlington, Iowa
Home to numerous historic buildings, Burlington grew into a major economy with the arrival of steamboats and the railroad.
Day 4
Quad Cities (Iowa & Illinois)
Straddling the confluence of the Mississippi and Rock Rivers, the Quad Cities area rests amid “America’s Breadbasket.”
Day 5
Dubuque, Iowa
Renowned for its 19th-century ingenuity and modern-day cultural evolution, Dubuque is often called the “Masterpiece on the Mississippi.”
Day 6
LaCrosse, Wisconsin
La Crosse enjoys a deep connection to its stunning Norwegian Valley, where Norwegian immigrants carved out a unique culture.
Day 7
Red Wing, Minnesota
Red Wing was built with the farming skills and craftsmanship of New Englanders and German, Irish and Scandinavian immigrants.
Day 8
St Paul, Minnesota
Used as a base by westward settlers heading to the Dakotas, St. Paul was called the “Last City of the East.”

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