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Traveling Aware is an auxiliary branch of Travel Unrivaled and augments and supplements the designing and planning of all of your travel needs.  For questions regarding Traveling Aware registration, security services, training courses, and security programs, please email We look forward to meeting you.

For frequent business travelers and those with extended stays in countries with political unrest, safety and security is an absolute must. Traveling Aware provides specialized training, security personnel, and excellent resources to keep your travels safe, secure, and protected for overseas business and itineraries. We also provide great training tips and guidance to protect honeymooners and vacationers from theft and other travel mishaps that can ruin and disrupt one’s idyllic vacation experiences.

Traveling Aware provides a unique blend of programs. Our informal seminars outline ways to protect yourself and your belongings while traveling abroad, how to deal with embassy and immigration policies, how to file police reports and how to request aid in foreign countries. On a more intense level, Traveling Aware also provides an interactive training environment such as surveillance detection and survival of worst-case scenarios such as abduction and captivity, and proven techniques to employ when detained by authorities of a recognized foreign government. Call 1.800.745.0691 to learn more about Traveling Aware.

Traveling Aware


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