Local and national collective agreements cover a range of production types, including film, television, radio, digital and video game productions. It`s easier than ever to guide you by watching and watching the new ones and accessing union talent! Join us while simplifying the signing process and discussing the various agreements available to ultra-low budget producers. This presentation will be followed by a question-and-answer session. The main task of UBPC/ACTRA is to negotiate, manage and enforce collective agreements on behalf of performers in registered media. Introduction to the UBCP/ACTRA Ultra Low Budget Program Michael Cheevers is the organizer and head of industrial relations at UBCP/ACTRA, the Cultural Union, which represents more than 7,000 performers working in English-language phonograms in Canada, including film and television, radio and digital media. Through his work, Michael hopes to help build an entertainment industry that works for everyone. Meagan Synnett is an Ultra Low Budget (ULB) director at UBCP/ACTRA. Since 2017, it has been working closely with more than 200 ULB manufacturers and consistently guides them through the ULB`s signature process. Professional film industry by day, and cinephile at night, Meagan enjoys his leisure films with his family. Michael Cheevers – Industry Relations Officer, UBCP/ACTRA.


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