It depends, of course, on the contract and the place of reception. Some contracts contain “non-refund” clauses that will take over the frustration of the purpose or doctrine of the impossibility of defense – which means that even if these defenses are in effect, it will be very difficult to get your money back. If that is the case, it is a good idea to go to a lawyer for help. Since the pandemic brought in their heels in 2020, many couples have been forced to postpone their marriages until 2021 or drastically reduce their big day. Most places were accessible to these solutions, but some runaways turned an already upsetting situation into a nightmare. Force majeure is a common clause in contracts. Both parties recognize that there may be an event whose entry is beyond the proper control of a party and which prevents that party from fulfilling its contractual obligation. In the event of a marriage, this clause would normally come into effect in the event of a natural disaster that destroyed the site of the event or which broke out in the area where the place or the couple resides, which did not comply with the contractual conditions. In 2020, many couples were able to enforce the force majeure clause because of COVID-19. The forced closure and stay in the house made not only the organization of a wedding, but the opening of a place to the public, uncertain and thus preventing compliance with the terms of these contracts. These couples were able to move their marriages, or get their money back. The timing is all day your wedding, so you want to make sure that your professionals (like the florist and DJ) can start if they have to. Confirm with the host location that your suppliers can come early to settle down so that they don`t have any problems on the day of installation.

This may seem obvious, but it`s always a good idea to get everything in writing. You will probably be in contact with your wedding venue during the planning process, so this will be helpful. This too can be an uncomfortable question. Is it really necessary to review every detail? absolutely. Ask for a broken down list containing everything that covers the prodi site (from server to sheets, plus special services such as mantle control and valet parking). Make sure you are fully aware of what you are buying and what more you will cost. This minimizes the possibility of an additional unexpected fee on your wedding day. If you write this detail down, make sure you have a fixed reservation in the room. (Read: No surprise guests or events on your wedding day.) As your wedding is about celebrating your love with your guests, you want to make sure they are cared for. Make sure there are enough seats for the number of guests expected in advance. Ask your location, if possible, to attach a plan so you can see what everything will look like. You wouldn`t buy a house or a car without knowing exactly what you`re getting into, would you? It`s the same for a wedding.

A wedding is a major financial business, and marriage contracts make sure that you know exactly what you are getting, when and how you are going to pay for it, and perhaps most importantly, what happens if these services cannot be fully provided.


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