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They say, “a bad day at sea is still better than a good day at work.”

There’s something to be said about being on the open water, miles from civilization, fully enveloped by sea and sky.  Not to mention, when there are so many places on your bucket list to cross off, it’s nice to sample several destinations at once.  And of course, there’s no shortage of entertainment options on a cruise ship, and the scenery is always changing.  We’re positive we can find the perfect ship for you with a stateroom that has your name on it!


There is everything from boutique boats with 12 rooms that sail through the Galapagos islands.  You could theoretically call your best family and friends, or your closest colleagues and have a boat all to yourselves.  The next step up is something along the lines of a Windstar or similar ship.  This is the mid-size boutique style cruise.  With fewer people, there are ample opportunities to do things, it’s easier to get off the ship at port, and the ship, being smaller, can navigate into tighter spaces than their gargantuan counterparts.


However, for those who want to feel like they’re in a city on the sea, there are the enormous cruise liners.  Ships so large, you have to wonder how they even stay afloat.  But, within their mass holds everything from theme parks to pools galore, dance clubs, waterparks, and more food than you can possibly consume.  And just when you can’t stand being out to sea a second longer, you’ll dock at some exotic location, where you can spend the day, breathing in the culture, tasting the local food, and embracing all the sites that city has to offer.  The biggest advantage of this type of travel is the opportunity to experience multiple destinations in the same trip.  Maybe it’s several ports in Alaska you want to explore. Or a trip through the Mediterranean.  Then again, there are a ton of itineraries throughout the Caribbean and everywhere in between.  So, when you’re ready to set sail, we’ll get you on your way!


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