Haida Gwaii

Welcome to Haida Gwaii, a cluster of islands off the northern Pacific Coast of Canada, also known as the “islands of the people.” As the ancestral home of the Haida Nation, these lands are steeped in the traditions of the Xaayda people and offer a unique window into a rich cultural heritage dating back millennia.


Upon your arrival, a local guide will welcome you and take you on a brief tour of Skidegate, the largest village on Graham Island. You’ll visit the Haida Heritage Centre, where you can learn about the Haida people, their culture, and their relationship with the natural world.


Your journey through Graham Island begins with an exploration of Tow Hill and North Beach, where you can marvel at the towering sea stacks, visit the hot springs and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. As the sun sets, join our guides for an evening of storytelling, echoing the ancient Haida tradition.


Venture into the heart of Haida Gwaii’s ancient rainforests, home to 1000-year-old Western red cedars. As part of this eco-cultural tour, you will learn about traditional Haida uses of the forest and its integral role in their culture and spirituality.


A trip to Haida Gwaii would be incomplete without a visit to SGang Gwaay. The UNESCO World Heritage site at the southernmost part of the archipelago was once a thriving Haida village. Today, it’s home to some of the best-preserved totem poles in the world. This tour will be a day-long adventure filled with history, art, and storytelling.


Experience Haida culture through its food and art. Learn about traditional food gathering and preparation, and sample dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Participate in a hands-on craft workshop and discover the time-honoured techniques used to create iconic Haida art.


Take to the waters around Haida Gwaii for a day of marine adventure. Spot humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, and an array of seabirds. Kayak through the serene waters, or join a fishing expedition, guided by locals who know the waters best.


Spend your final day on Haida Gwaii reflecting on your journey. Join the community in a potlatch, a traditional Haida feast, and share your experiences with fellow travelers and local hosts. As the day ends, take part in a traditional Haida farewell ceremony, a poignant moment of reflection that encapsulates the spirit of yahguudang, or respect for all living things.

As you prepare to depart from this magical archipelago, you will carry with you not just memories, but also a piece of the Haida spirit. Our aim is to immerse you in the Haida Gwaii experience, and by the end of your journey, we hope you will have developed a deep understanding and respect for our culture, our people, and our homeland.

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