Haida House at Tllaal

Haida House at Tllaal is a unique getaway nestled on the enchanting islands of Haida Gwaii, off British Columbia’s Pacific Coast. The area is steeped in the rich cultural history of the Haida people, and the resort is a hub for visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and deep-rooted traditions of this extraordinary landscape.

This all-inclusive resort offers multiple packages for discerning travelers, ranging from short three-night stays to immersive seven-night experiences. Each package is thoughtfully curated to give guests an opportunity to learn about the Haida culture, explore the pristine environment, and savor the exquisite regional cuisine.

During your stay, embark on a daily eco-cultural adventure under the guidance of local Haida interpreters and guides. These expertly led excursions will take you through stunning vistas, from the verdant hiking trails of Tow Hill in Naikoon Provincial Park, the beautiful landscapes of Agate Beach, to the profound historical depths of the Kay Linagaay Heritage Centre and Museum. Guests are also privileged to attend a traditional Haida dinner, providing an authentic glimpse into the culinary heritage of the Haida people.

The Haida House resort consists of a charming ten-room lodge and 12 recently added oceanfront cabins. Each accommodation option is designed to ensure guests enjoy a luxurious, comfortable, and private experience. The main lodge is home to a casual-gourmet dining room, where you’ll indulge in regionally-inspired meals, showcasing the best of Haida Gwaii’s local produce and seafood. For a relaxing evening, the licensed lounge provides a serene river-view patio where you can unwind while taking in the breathtaking views.

For business guests or groups seeking a unique meeting location, Haida House also offers conference facilities. These spaces integrate state-of-the-art amenities with the soothing natural aesthetic of the resort, ensuring a productive and memorable meeting or event.

Whether you’re an adventurer seeking the untamed beauty of British Columbia, a history enthusiast eager to delve into Haida culture, or a discerning traveler looking for a bespoke experience, Haida House at Tllaal offers an unparalleled journey into the heart of Haida Gwaii. With the perfect balance of comfort, luxury, and cultural immersion, this resort is truly a haven at the edge of the world.

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