Magic & Mystery of New Orleans

New Orleans invites you to explore its rich tapestry of myths and legends—ghosts, vampires, witches—and the real-life faith practices and belief systems that weave the magic of this mysterious city. Our local guides are not just storytellers; they are gatekeepers to the city’s haunting history. They’ll lead you through the dark and spooky French Quarter, where every corner has a tale to tell.

Learn from a witch about the Spirit of New Orleans, follow a Voodoo priestess as she shares ancient stories passed down through generations, have dinner in a vampire den where the lore is as rich as the cuisine, and visit the iconic aboveground cemeteries, often referred to as the cities of the dead. These experiences aren’t just tours—they’re immersive journeys into the soul of New Orleans.

And the food! Oh, the food. New Orleans offers an exceptional culinary adventure that mirrors its cultural diversity. From decadent beignets and café au lait at Café du Monde to the spicy, flavorful crawfish boils and the sophisticated Creole cuisine at Commander’s Palace, your taste buds will dance just as much as your feet will to the rhythms of jazz and blues. Each meal is a celebration of life, a festival of flavors that tells the story of a city that lives and breathes through its cuisine.

Dance your way through the night, moving to the sounds of jazz, blues, and the distinctive beat of zydeco. Marvel at the stunning architecture, where Spanish, French, and Creole influences come together to create a visual feast. And don’t miss the outrageous Krewe of Boo parade, a spectacle of creativity and energy that showcases the city’s flair for the dramatic. There’s no place quite like New Orleans, a city with a magnetic pull that draws people back time and again.

Are you ready to truly understand what it means to miss New Orleans? This city isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience that stays with you long after you’ve left. It’s the sound of jazz drifting through the streets, the taste of gumbo that lingers on your palate, the sight of moss-draped oaks swaying in the breeze, and the stories—oh, the stories—that will stay with you forever.

So, pack your bags and open your heart to an adventure like no other. Let New Orleans cast its spell on you, inviting you to explore its depths, celebrate its culture, and become a part of its ever-evolving story. Ready to embark on this unforgettable journey? New Orleans is waiting for you.

Day 1 - Oct 17 - Laissez les bons temps rouler! Let the good times roll!

Arriving at our beautiful location, you will have some time to settle in and explore our surroundings.

Our lodging will be in a 1850’s Greek Revival-style mansion with 14 foot ceilings, handcrafted trim, and Victorian era furnishings with modern conveniences. Guests will have access to common rooms, southern style front veranda, lush courtyard and hot tub. Located in a quiet and quirky historic Faubourg Marigny (pronounced Mare-in-knee) neighborhood, it is only a 10 minute stroll through the neighborhood to the French Quarter.

Meet with your tour manager and the other members of the group for a short informational meeting about the adventures ahead.

We will then proceed to the Boutique du Vampyre’s Apothecary, located in the famous French Quarter for a fabulous dinner, dessert, and cocktails. Here we meet Marita Woywood Crandle, the owner of the Apothecary, the Vampire Cafe, and Boutique du Vampyre shop. Her book, New Orleans Vampires, is a leading resource about the mythology and legends of these famous creatures.

After dinner, we will meet local guide Kristin Dugas, who will take us on a spectacular tour of the history and mystery of the French Quarter. She will regale us with tales of the macabre and the ghosts that haunt this night world. Be prepared to be scared!

The late night is available for you to gather at Potions, the private speakeasy above the Apothecary with amazing balcony views of the infamous Bourbon Street.

Day 2 - October 18 - Vampyres and VooDoo

After a breakfast buffet provided by a local restaurant, we will be joined by Alys Arden, co-host of the Anne Rice Original Vampire Lestat Ball. Alys is a lifetime local and the author of the popular vampire series, The Casquette Girls. She will share with us the legends and deep mythology of the glorious and grotesque creatures in the French Quarter. This is a special treat for those who love all things Vampyre!

After a lunch break on your own, where you can visit any number of famous, recommended food venues, we will gather just outside the French Quarter to tour with a High Priestess of Louisiana Plantation VooDoo, who will share with us a history of the enslaved peoples of New Orleans and the African and Caribbean diasporic religious practices. No story of New Orleans is complete without the knowledge of the impact and influence made by these peoples in creating the culture of this one-of-a-kind city.

Afterwards, we’ll have some time to explore the extraordinary galleries and shops along Royal Street, and discover Jackson Square and the mighty Mississippi, before we join guide Nate Alston for a Food and Cocktail tour. This tour will take us to four fabulous locations to sample the exquisite food and mixology of the Quarter.

Later that night you are free to roam with a strong suggestion to visit Frenchmen Street. This is the home to jazz venues, dance clubs, and late-night eats, making it an iconic experience of New Orleans musical nightlife.

Day 3 - October 19 - Witches, Magic, and Krewe of Boo

A breakfast buffet will be provided before our morning event, where we will learn more about New Orleans mysticism and magic.

New Orleans is a living place, with a spirit that speaks strongly to those who encounter Her. Today you'll have an opportunity to meet that spirit and see what She has to say to you. A local witch and ritualist will facilitate a trance journey for the group. You’ll ask the Spirit of the City to make herself known to you, and to offer you a gift, or a challenge. Maybe both! Afterward we'll have time to talk together about the myths and the reality of witchcraft in the City, what we've learned together, and ceremonially wrap up our time in this magical place.

The rest of the afternoon and evening is yours to explore on your own with recommendations from the tour manager.

Be sure to prepare for a fantastic evening viewing the famous Krewe of Boo parade. This parade is full of all the magical entities we've discovered and more! With over 400 riders, many outrageous floats, marching bands, and dance krewes, Krewe of BOO! is the official Halloween parade of New Orleans. In a city known for its love of costumes and letting the good times roll, this is the best way to celebrate the dance of life and afterlife.

Day 4 - October 20 - Cemeteries, Ghosts, and HooDoo

Traveling to the gorgeous City Park, we will be surrounded by the largest collection of live oak trees, including some that are over 800 years old, dripping with moss. By the banks of the bayou, we will visit the famous Cafe Du Monde for world famous beignets and chicory coffee.

Then we will gather to experience the magic and mystery of the famous New Orleans aboveground cemetery. Again led by our local guide, we will see a very different way of honoring the dead. After our tour, we will grab the trolley and head to the Haus of Hoodoo, a Haitian family owned Apothecary and Botanica.

After we return to the Mansion, the afternoon and evening are free for you to explore the music, food, cocktails, shopping, and history of the French Quarter and surrounding areas.

Day 5 - October 21 - Til Next Time...

Departing your lovely lodgings by late morning, your time in New Orleans is at an end. But now you may have a deeper understanding of the famous lyric from the great Louis Armstrong:

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

Or perhaps:

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but what happens in New Orleans, goes home with you.” ~Laurell K Hamilton

What's Included

  • Superior lodgings at the Mansion on Royal guesthouse
  • Dedicated Tour Manager to curate your experience
  • Three hour New Orleans Food and Cocktail Tour
  • Storytelling tour with High Priestess of Louisiana Plantation VouDoo
  • Late Night French Quarter Ghost Tour with local guide
  • Trolley ride down St. Charles to visit the Haus of Hoodoo
  • Tour of New Orleans aboveground cemetery
  • Dinner reservation at the Vampire Apothecary
  • Workshop and ceremony with local ritualist
  • Visit with local author of the popular vampire series The Casquette Girls
  • Attend the Krewe of Boo Halloween parade
  • Two breakfasts provided
  • Gratuities for tour guides

    What's Not Included

    • Anything suggested as optional
    • Airfare to New Orleans
    • Transportation to and from Louis Armstrong airport
    • Meals and beverages not included in package
    • Personal expenses

    Travel insurance is strongly recommended

    Final Thoughts and Reflections

    Final Thoughts and Reflections on Your New Orleans Adventure

    As we draw our unforgettable journey through New Orleans to a close, it's impossible not to be mesmerized by the city's unique blend of history, culture, and mysticism. From the moment you arrived at the stunning 1850’s Greek Revival-style mansion, every step has been steeped in the rich, eclectic spirit that defines this city. We've walked through streets where the past whispers through the architecture and legends live on in the vibrant tapestry of daily life.

    Your encounters with local legends like Marita Woywood Crandle and Alys Arden, along with our immersive tours led by knowledgeable guides, have unveiled the deeply rooted mysteries of New Orleans. From the macabre tales of the French Quarter to the sacred traditions of Voodoo, each experience has been a gateway to understanding the soul of this magical place. The nights spent at Potions, the speakeasy with its enchanting views, and the vibrant energy of Frenchmen Street have shown you the heartbeat of New Orleans' nightlife.

    As you prepare to leave, take with you the memories of the Krewe of Boo parade, the ancient live oaks of City Park, and the tantalizing flavors of New Orleans cuisine. This journey has not only been about seeing a city but about feeling its spirit, a spirit that now resides within you. New Orleans has a way of staying with you, its stories becoming a part of your own. Until we meet again, may the magic of New Orleans continue to inspire and enchant you.

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