Miraval Austin

Where Wellness Meets Austin’s Creative Soul

Welcome to Miraval Austin, an extraordinary haven where the tranquil beauty of Hill Country meets the eclectic spirit of Austin. Nestled amid rolling hills and scenic vistas, our resort is a testament to what happens when nature’s serenity converges with the city’s vibrant energy.

The Essence of Austin

When you step into Miraval Austin, you’re not just entering another wellness resort; you’re immersing yourself in the very essence of Austin. Known for its unique blend of cultures, music, and arts, Austin has long been a beacon for creators, dreamers, and those seeking a different beat. And at Miraval Austin, we’ve captured that essence.

From local artwork gracing our walls to music-inspired therapies, every element at our resort channels the city’s creative and laid-back vibe. Our programs and treatments don’t just focus on the body, but also the soul, echoing Austin’s reputation as a city that feeds both.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Miraval’s signature is its 360-degree approach to wellness. Here, wellness is not just about the body but the mind, spirit, and emotions as well. We’ve adopted an integrated approach, offering an array of experiences designed to balance and rejuvenate.

  • Body

    : Indulge in our state-of-the-art spa treatments, participate in yoga sessions under the Texas sky, or challenge yourself with our fitness programs tailored to all levels.

  • Mind

    : Engage in meditation sessions, join our expert-led workshops on mindfulness, or simply wander our tranquil grounds to find your own peace.

  • Spirit

    : Immerse yourself in nature, partake in our ceremonial gatherings or connect with the community through our group sessions.

  • Emotions

    : Our expert therapists and counselors are on hand to guide you through personalized sessions, ensuring emotional balance and personal growth.

The Hill Country Charm

Spread over lush acres, Miraval Austin’s property is a serene escape. The gentle hum of cicadas, the rustle of leaves in the breeze, and the panoramic views of the undulating terrain serve as a constant reminder that you’re cradled by nature.

Cabins and accommodations have been meticulously designed to blend seamlessly into the environment while offering all the modern comforts. Warm wooden tones, expansive windows, and cozy furnishings create spaces that are both inviting and rejuvenating.

Local and Fresh Dining

Taking inspiration from Austin’s dynamic food scene, our dining experiences focus on farm-to-table freshness. With ingredients sourced locally, every dish is a celebration of the region’s rich bounty.

Miraval Austin is more than just a resort—it’s a journey. A journey into Austin’s soul, into wellness, and into oneself. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, inspiration, or transformation, Miraval Austin promises an experience that’s as unique and multi-faceted as Austin itself. So, come, discover the magic where the heart of Austin beats in harmony with holistic well-being.

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