Gulf Horizons: An Epic Texan Voyage to Mexico’s Ancient Shores

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with “Gulf Horizons: An Epic Texan Voyage to Mexico’s Ancient Shores,” a cruise that seamlessly blends the charm of Texas with the ancient allure and tropical beauty of Mexico. Starting in the lively seaside city of Galveston, Texas, you’ll be enchanted by its rich history, vibrant culture, and serene beaches. Stroll through the historic Strand District, ride the exhilarating coasters at Pleasure Pier, and savor the local culinary delights. As you set sail aboard the magnificent Mariner of the Seas, you’ll enjoy a day at sea filled with a variety of activities, from rock climbing and ice skating to gourmet dining and relaxing in the adults-only Solarium.

The adventure continues as you reach the captivating shores of Costa Maya and Cozumel. In Costa Maya, explore the mystical ancient Maya ruins, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the Great Maya Reef, and unwind at private beach clubs. The journey then takes you to Cozumel, where you can snorkel among vibrant reefs, explore the towering Maya ruins of Tulum, and relax with a beachside massage at Playa Mia. Throughout the trip, indulge in delectable local cuisine and shop for unique souvenirs, ensuring you take a piece of paradise home with you. This epic voyage combines thrilling excursions, cultural encounters, and luxurious relaxation, promising an unforgettable cruise experience that blends the best of Texas and Mexico into one extraordinary journey.


Day 1 - Galveston, Texas

Departure: 4:00 PM

Begin your adventure in Galveston, a charming seaside city with a unique blend of history and modern excitement. Stroll through the historic Strand District, where Victorian-era buildings house unique shops, cozy cafés, and fascinating museums. Visit the Texas Seaport Museum to relive the glory days of this bustling port or explore over 60 landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For a dose of fun, head to the Pleasure Pier for thrilling rides and carnival games.

Unwind on one of Galveston’s many beaches. Stewart Beach offers a family-friendly environment, while East Beach is known for its lively atmosphere. Galveston Island State Park provides a more secluded retreat with pristine natural beauty. As the day draws to a close, board the magnificent Mariner of the Seas and prepare to set sail on your epic journey.

Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas

Day 2 - Cruising Day at Sea

Your first day at sea is a chance to explore the many amenities and activities the Mariner of the Seas has to offer. Climb to new heights on the rock climbing wall, offering stunning views from 40 feet above the deck. Relax in the Solarium, an adults-only retreat with soothing whirlpools and a refreshing water mist.

Engage in some friendly competition on the sports court, or lace up your skates for a spin on the ice skating rink. Enjoy gourmet dining experiences, from casual bites to sophisticated meals, ensuring your palate is always pleased. The Mariner of the Seas is a floating paradise with something for everyone.

Costa Maya Mexico

Day 3 - Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico

Arrival: 11:59 AM – Departure: 7:00 PM

Arrive in Costa Maya, a destination where the ancient world meets the modern. Just 30 miles south of Cancun, Costa Maya offers 250 square miles of entertainment and history. Explore the ancient Maya ruins of Kohunlich and Chacchoben, hidden deep in the jungle and brimming with history. Dive into the clear blue waters of Cenote Azul, a stunning freshwater cenote perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

Snorkel the vibrant Great Maya Reef, the second largest in the world, or simply relax at one of the private beach clubs in Mahahual. Savor local culinary delights such as cochinita pibil, a traditional slow-roasted pork dish, and Agua de Jamaica, a refreshing hibiscus flower iced tea. The port village offers a variety of shops and stalls selling everything from local crafts to fine jewelry.

Cozumel Mexico

Day 4 - Cozumel, Mexico

Arrival: 7:00 AM – Departure: 5:00 PM

Cozumel awaits with its crystal-clear waters, lively reefs, and rich history. Head to Chankanaab National Park to snorkel among colorful reefs and tropical fish, or swim with dolphins for an unforgettable experience. Explore the ancient Maya ruins of Tulum and San Gervasio, where history comes alive amidst the jungle backdrop.

Reconnect with nature at Punta Sur National Park, wandering through mangroves, beaches, and reefs. After a day of exploration, unwind with a beachside massage at Playa Mia. Savor Cozumel’s diverse cuisine, from fresh seafood to traditional Mexican dishes like cochinita pibil. Cool off with a michelada or enjoy a traditional tequila tasting. Shop for unique souvenirs along the waterfront in San Miguel, ensuring you take a piece of this paradise home with you.

Royal Caribbean Day at Sea

Day 5 - Cruising Day at Sea

Enjoy another luxurious day at sea, filled with gourmet dining, exciting activities, and relaxation. Indulge in an exclusive five-course gourmet dinner at the Chef’s Table, complete with perfectly paired wines. Savor game-day favorites and icy-cold draughts at Playmakers℠ Bar & Arcade, or enjoy a creative hot dog at the Dog House. The Main Dining Room offers a rotating menu of global flavors, taking you from Jamaica to Jaipur in one meal.


Day 6 - Disembark Galveston, Texas

Arrival: 7:00 AM

Your epic journey comes full circle as you return to the welcoming shores of Galveston, Texas. Reflect on the unforgettable memories you’ve made, from exploring ancient ruins and vibrant reefs to enjoying luxurious amenities onboard. As you disembark, start dreaming of your next adventure, inspired by the incredible experiences of "Gulf Horizons."

Join us on "Gulf Horizons: An Epic Texan Voyage to Mexico’s Ancient Shores" and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re seeking thrilling excursions, cultural encounters, or simply a tranquil escape, this cruise promises an unparalleled experience, blending the best of Texas and Mexico into one extraordinary journey.


Day 6 - The Exploration Continues in Galveston, Texas

After departing the Mariner of the Seas we spend the next two days exploring Galveston.

Hotel Lucine


Day 7 - The Exploration Continues in Galveston, Texas

Today in Galveston

Hotel Lucine


Day 8 - Departure

Depart Galveston for home


Mariner of the Seas

This isn’t your same-old, never bold weekend. This is a boredom busting getaway for the whole crew.

The amped up Mariner of the Seas® is packed with more ways to play on the most maxed-out short getaway ever. Hang ten on the added FlowRider®* surf simulator or race down The Perfect Storm℠ waterslides. Bond over family-style Tuscan eats at Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver, or kick off date night at The Bamboo Room. Ditch the road trip for an action-packed cruise ship, with quick cruises sailing from Galveston

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Final Thoughts and Reflections

As our journey aboard "Gulf Horizons: An Epic Texan Voyage to Mexico’s Ancient Shores" draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the unforgettable experiences and cherished memories we've gathered along the way. From the historic charm and vibrant culture of Galveston to the ancient mysteries and tropical wonders of Costa Maya and Cozumel, each destination has offered a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of life along the Gulf of Mexico.

The Mariner of the Seas provided a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, with its myriad of activities, gourmet dining, and luxurious amenities. Whether you were scaling the rock climbing wall, ice skating at sea, or indulging in a five-course meal at the Chef’s Table, each moment on board was crafted to enhance your voyage. As you disembark in Galveston, let the memories of sun-soaked beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and ancient ruins inspire your next adventure. This trip was more than just a cruise; it was a journey through history, nature, and culture, leaving you with stories to tell and experiences to treasure. Here’s to the endless horizons and the adventures that await on the other side.

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