Traveling Aware

Your Passport to Safe and Confident Global Exploration

Welcome to Traveling Aware, the specialized arm of Travel Unrivaled, where we take your safety as seriously as your wanderlust. Our mission? To empower you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools you need to explore the world with absolute confidence. For inquiries about our services, including registration, security programs, and training courses, drop us a line at We can’t wait to be part of your next epic adventure!

Founded by Experts, For Explorers

Traveling Aware was established in 2014 by Robert Riesmeyer, a seasoned global traveler and entrepreneur, along with his close friend Larry, a retired Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant. Together, they bring a wealth of expertise in global threat assessment and security training, ensuring that our services are nothing short of exceptional.

Safe Travel Training: Your Personal Safety Net

Our flagship offering, the Safe Travel Training courses, are meticulously designed to equip you with practical techniques and life-saving strategies. Whether you’re backpacking through Europe, embarking on a business trip to Asia, or enjoying a weekend getaway stateside, these courses are your go-to guide for staying safe and sound.

Beyond the Basics

But we don’t just stop at training. Our comprehensive suite of services extends to personalized security programs and on-the-ground support, tailored to meet the unique needs of each traveler. From the moment you step out of your comfort zone to the second you arrive at your destination, we’ve got you covered.

A Global Leader in Travel Security

Our reputation as a leader in global travel security isn’t just a label; it’s a commitment. We continually adapt to the ever-changing landscape of global threats, ensuring that our clients are always a step ahead and well-prepared for any situation.

Join the Movement

Ready to take the plunge into a world of safe and exhilarating travel experiences? Contact us today to learn more about how Traveling Aware can make your next journey not just unforgettable, but also secure.

Robert Riesmeyer

Introducing Robert Riesmeyer: The Visionary Behind Travel Unrivaled

Robert Riesmeyer, a passionate traveler, and experience curator extraordinaire is redefining the way we explore the world. For Robert, travel isn’t just about reaching a destination; it’s an exhilarating journey that begins the moment you step out of your comfort zone. Born and raised in the Midwest, he left behind an insurance business to create Travel Unrivaled, a venture that combines his expertise in personal protection and safe travel with his insatiable wanderlust. Robert’s unique talent lies in crafting one-of-a-kind group experiences, where every moment is meticulously curated, leaving clients with unforgettable memories.

If you’re seeking more than just a vacation, if you crave extraordinary experiences that transcend the ordinary, and if you’re ready to embark on journeys that redefine adventure, then Robert Riesmeyer and Travel Unrivaled are your gateways to the extraordinary. Join Robert on his quest to make every travel experience an unforgettable tale, and you’ll soon discover that the world has so much more to offer when seen through his adventurous eyes.