Unrivaled and Beyond

Where the magic of the Arctic awaits to enchant your senses and ignite your spirit of adventure.

Lapland beckons with its untouched, snow-draped landscapes, a canvas painted with the promise of extraordinary experiences. Join us as we delve deep into the heart of local traditions, embarking on thrilling dog sledding adventures that whisk you through serene forests and across frozen lakes. Feel the rush as you hop on snowmobiles, carving your path through pristine terrains, and conquer towering ice walls with our exhilarating ice climbing challenges that will leave you breathless yet invigorated.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. Imagine yourself aboard an icebreaker cruise, breaking through the icy grip of the sea, or venturing on an epic ice trek that leads you to secluded corners of this winter wonderland, where the magic of the Arctic whispers secrets only the brave dare to uncover.

Ah, but wait until you witness the crown jewel of Lapland – the Stunning Northern Lights. Brace yourself for a celestial spectacle as the Arctic skies dance with hues of emerald, sapphire, and amethyst, painting a picture that even the most vivid dreams cannot capture.

Yet, in Lapland, every moment is a tapestry woven with threads of wonder and awe. Whether you find yourself nestled in the warmth of a traditional Sami tent, savoring the flavors of local cuisine under the starlit sky, or immersing yourself in the vibrant pulse of ancient rituals, this destination offers an unrivaled immersion into a culture as rich and diverse as the landscape itself.

Lapland isn’t merely a destination; it’s a symphony of adventures and cultural discoveries waiting to be orchestrated into your own unique narrative. So, seize the opportunity to craft your own Lapland story, where every chapter is marked by the thrill of discovery and the warmth of unforgettable memories. The Arctic calls – will you answer?

Welcome to Lapland Unrivaled and Beyond, where adventure meets enchantment under the Arctic sky. Explore pristine landscapes, thrilling activities, and the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Your extraordinary journey starts here.

Trip Highlights:

  • Driving Snowmobiles
  • Dog Sledding in the Arctic Tundra
  • Hiking
  • Ice breaker cruise
  • Ice Climbing
  • Ice fishing
  • Traditional Sami Hospitality

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Why This Journey?

Embark on an Arctic adventure like no other, where every moment promises exhilaration and enchantment under the northern lights.

Trip Highlights:

Indulge in the ultimate Arctic experience with our Complete Arctic Gear Kit, ensuring you’re equipped to embrace every thrill that awaits. From self-driving snowmobiles to dog sled rides, from descending into icy waters on an Icebreaker cruise to hiking to frozen waterfalls, our itinerary is packed with unforgettable experiences. Race on snow karting tracks, traverse snowy forests with snowshoes, and immerse yourself in the mystical aura of the Northern Lights during a captivating night walk.


After days brimming with excitement, retreat to the comfort of our carefully selected 4-star to 5-star hotels in Rovaniemi, Lapland, and the Finnish ski resort of Levi. Unwind in a delightful Finnish sauna, rejuvenating your spirit for the adventures that lie ahead.


Travel in style and safety aboard our meticulously maintained buses, equipped to navigate Lapland’s icy roads while offering spacious interiors, cozy warmth, and Wi-Fi connectivity for your convenience.


Prepare to be enthralled by the unexpected delights of Lapland as we take you beyond the usual highlights. Experience the thrill of gliding through snowy forests on sleds pulled by Siberian Huskies, savor the warmth of a traditional Finnish farm’s salmon soup, and marvel at the mesmerizing sight and sound of thick ice breaking under the hull of an icebreaker ship. Amidst frozen landscapes, sip on warm cocoa that promises to ignite your senses, all while keeping an eye out for the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights.

Safety and Security:

Rest assured, your safety is our top priority. Accompanied by experienced guides and professional Finnish staff, you’ll navigate every activity with confidence. With our Complete Arctic Gear Kit and expert guidance, you’ll stay warm, happy, and secure throughout the journey.


Savor the flavors of Lapland with our inclusive culinary offerings. From hearty breakfasts at our hotels to lunches during activities and dinners at local restaurants, every meal is a celebration of Finnish cuisine. Feast on delicacies like salmon, northern deer meat stews, forest berries, and indulge in the comforting warmth of traditional blueberry tea. With buffet-style service, every dining experience is a culinary adventure to remember.

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