Unleashing the Wild Majesty of Colombia’s Peacock Bass Fishing

February 8 to 15, 2025

Tucked away in the verdant arms of the Orinoco River’s tributaries, you’ll find the mesmerizing Tomo River – an angler’s dream come true. Picture this: pristine lagoons and expansive floodplains, where the thrill of peacock bass fishing is unmatched. Here, you’ll pursue the legendary Temensis, a majestic peacock bass that can weigh up to an incredible 30 pounds, promising an adrenaline-pumping fight with every cast.

Experience Price: $6599 per Person with a $500 deposit

The thrill doesn’t end with the peacock bass. The Tomo River bursts with exotic species like the feisty Pacu, the acrobatic Arowana, intriguing catfish, and the elusive Vampire fish. Every cast is a testament to nature’s marvels.

Beyond fishing, embark on a safari-like expedition through Colombia’s wild heart. Watch for vibrant birds, capybaras, tapirs, playful monkeys, stealthy anacondas, and, if you’re lucky, the majestic jaguar.

Join us for an unforgettable journey into Colombia’s untamed beauty, where every moment is a new adventure waiting to unfold.

Afloat Fishing & Eco Tourism

At Travel Unrivaled, in partnership with Afloat Fishing and Eco Tourism, we believe travel is about immersive, unforgettable journeys that connect you deeply with nature and culture. Together, we are dedicated to creating sustainable, responsible, and extraordinary travel experiences that inspire and protect the world we explore.


Afloat Fishing and Eco Tourism Adventures: We specialize in premier fishing expeditions and eco-tourism journeys in Colombia’s most pristine environments. Our adventures offer thrilling angling experiences and the serene beauty of untouched nature, all while promoting sustainability and minimal impact on ecosystems.

Travel Unrivaled:  Crafts personalized journeys that push the boundaries of traditional travel. We focus on creating unique group experiences that blend adventure, culture, and world-class comfort.

Our Partnership: Together, Afloat and Travel Unrivaled offer unique travel experiences that combine thrilling adventure with everything you need. Our joint commitment to sustainability ensures every trip respects the environment and local communities.

Join us for an unrivaled journey where every moment is designed to inspire and excite, leaving a lasting positive impact on the world.

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Akuani Floating Camp

7 nights at Akuani Floating camp, designed to keep up with our guest needs, the camp consists of 5 cabins, each of which is fully equipped with:

  • Bathroom suite
  • Two single beds
  • Aluminum fishing boat
  • Electricity
  • Drawer
  • Mosquito net
  • Fan
  • First aid kit
  • Cleaning service.
Pre & Post Stays
  • Our package includes two Hotel nights in Bogota, one pre and one post to acommodate your flight schedule.

AKUANI FLOATING CAMP is equipped to make your stay safe, enjoyable and unforgettable.


• Native fishing guides

• 14 ft Lowe 1440 Jon boats
With two platforms for better sighting and casting

• Suzuki 30 Hp
Electric powered engines for lagoons

•Portable Coolers
With cold beer, soft drinks, snacks and fruits from the region

•Fishing Chairs
•Fishing equipment (Optional)
•Fishing License


Independent of where you decide to go, most of the best fishing destinations around the world have something in common; they have very difficult accesses. That is why at Afloat we have invested a lot of resources and time into planning every detail of your journey to make it seamless and pleasant. Our team will offer you the following transportation services:

• Airport shuttles

• Charter Flight

• Camp transportation

• River Transportation

Food & Drink

We know that fishing 10 hours a day can build up an appetite! Knowing this by experience, we have prepared everything so that you can delight yourself with our international menu. With our fishing package you will also receive:

  • 3 meals a day
  • Unlimited snacks
  • Unlimited soft drinks
  • Unlimited beer
What's Included

What’s included in this trip:

  • 7 nights accommodation at Akuani Floating Camp
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Guides
  • All transfers
  • All food and beverages as stated
The Fine Print (What's Not Included)
  • International Airfare
  • Gratuities
  • Souveniers
  • Items of a Personal Nature
  • Anything Not Specified
Global Guardian Medical Evacuation - INCLUDED


Global Guardian Air Ambulance is a membership program that provides air medical evacuation services to members anywhere in the world at anytime. Once enrolled, our members never pay a dime more than their membership fee. If our members get sick or injured while traveling, we fly them to their hospital of choice.

Travel, health, and credit card policies typically do not cover medical evacuation services or repatriation—travel with world-class protection.


Akuani Floating Camp
Akuani Floating Camp Vampire Fish
Peacock Bass Fishing in Colombia

Peacock Bass Fishing in Colombia

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