Cartagena Graffiti Tour

Gain a different insight into Colombia and especially Cartagena through stories told with present graffiti paintings.

Our Street Art & Graffiti tour gives you deeper insight towards Cartagena focused on the alternative and cultural quarter and coolest barrio: Getsemani. The stories are told with present graffiti paintings with images of tropical scenes, palenqueras, and local flora and fauna. In Getsemani the individuality and spirit of the neighborhood remains intact. You can come as a tourist but you leave as a local understanding what makes the barrio so special engaging with the people to ensure that it preserves its particular charm. This neighborhood has shaken off the gritty reputation, and turned to street-art as a way of incorporating the voice of local residents and artists into the fabric and the narrative of the city streets. Graffitis transformed this neighborhood in the last years, after the first Graffiti Festival in Getsemani that took place in December 2013 0ur fully qualified guide offers a complete knowledge of the impressive history of Getsemani starting at the clock tower, from there, we go to the street of La Sierpe (where all the murals are) and Trinidad plaza, which has an historical, cultural and national value. We will also walk on top of the city wall.

Robert Riesmeyer

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