Pacuare Lodge

Located on the Pacuare River, world famous for it’s whitewater rapids, in the heart of the Talamanca Mountains on 840-acres of private reserve, Roberto Fernandez, who is from nearby Turrialba, created Pacuare Lodge as a camp where whitewater rafters could be set up for the evening. Fast forward to now, the objective has not changed, but the camp has transformed into one of the most unique wilderness lodges in the world. A string of luxury treehouses are spread across the forest canopy above the azure blue waters of the rushing river

Arriving there is an experience in itself, as the property is only reachable via private transfer or white water rafting. The first stretch of the river is typically no more than a one hour paddle and difficulty level II, making it a wonderful introduction. Once you’re at Pacuare Lodge, all meals and excursions are included, making it easy to relax, do all of the activities or choose a nice mix. Poolside piña coladas are always tempting here, but make sure to explore with a guide to discover the authentic beauty of this location.

Each excursion is led by a certified English speaking naturalist guide, and nearly all of the activities take place on the property. Zip Line through the Canopies, repel down trees, hike to hidden waterfalls for an afternoon swim, explore the rainforest at night, and prepare yourself for the epic canyoning tour. One experience worth mentioning is the opportunity to hike to the Nairi Awari Indiegenous Reserve to meet and learn about the traditional cultures and customs of the Cabécar Indians. Choose from one of our individual suites which are luxurious treehouses in the canopy, or one of our other three suite categories. Departing Pacuare Lodge by rafting is something you will never forget. This stretch takes about 3 hours by raft at a level III difficulty max, including lunch along the shore of the river, until reaching your private transfer at the town of Siquirres. I won’t spoil the surprise, but prepare for a breathtaking view towards the end of this paddle.

Pacuare is a great option to combine with an exploration of Costa Rica’s less visited, but equally impressive, destinations along the Caribbean coastline including the wild Tortuguero National Park, or the sublime laid back beach vibes of Puerto Viejo.

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