San Basilio de Palenque

Founded in the 1600’s by runaway slaves, explore this city untouched until the 1970’s

A corner of Africa in South America! Benkos Bioho, a runaway slave who, accompanied by 36 other male and female slaves, hid in the area found what is now known as San Basilio de Palenque, the first slavery-free town in Colombia. Their palenquera language and traditions and rituals remained intact since they had no connection with the main road and the city and remained isolated until the seventies when the famous boxer “Kid Pambelé” placed this settlement on the map and brought with him access roads to the village. Located an hour and a half’s drive from Cartagena by road, this African corner, declared by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, offers to visitors a window on Afro-descendant history in Colombia and America. A guide and private vehicle will pick you up at your hotel and take you comfortably to San Basilio de Palenque, where a local guide will receive us and we will learn a little of the Palenquero dialect, history and culture of this great town. Through craft arts such as the work of the Spinners, who with their strong movement prepare the corn to feed their families, and the beautiful art of weaving through the hands of artisans who tell their stories through their handicraft we get even closer to the culture. After exploring the village and its surroundings we will enjoy a delicious typical lunch in the palenquera way.

Robert Riesmeyer

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