Images curtesy of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, a monument to those who risked everything in the fight for their freedom.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, located at 50 East Freedom Way in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a profound testament to the heroes who risked it all for freedom during the era of the Underground Railroad. Acting as a beacon of hope, the center honors the struggle of countless individuals who sought freedom for themselves and others, asserting the fundamental human right to liberty.

The Freedom Center specifically commemorates the ingenious and courageous individuals who constructed and operated the secret network known as the Underground Railroad. This intricate system of safe houses and secret routes enabled many enslaved people in 19th century America to escape to regions where slavery was prohibited, predominantly in the North and Canada.

This historical epicenter stands not only as a reminder of the past but also as a lens to view and understand contemporary issues, particularly those related to Modern Abolition. The center goes beyond merely reciting history by connecting the story of the Underground Railroad to the continuing fight against present-day enslavement and human trafficking. It is an institution that inspires its visitors to actively engage in the cause of freedom, urging them to contribute to the ongoing struggle against all forms of modern slavery.

Through its exhibitions, educational programs, and events, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center carries the legacy of the Underground Railroad forward, highlighting the relevance of its lessons in the present context. The courageous spirit of the past is thus linked to current and future endeavors to secure freedom for every man, woman, and child around the globe.

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